Emergency Planning & Response


Providing training and support for liaison surge staffing, radiological SMEs, exercise design, and exercise execution.


Liaising Services

Training and liaison surge staffing capability

Provide Training of new liaisons or providing support personnel for emergent events. Maintaining a cadre of technical personnel trained in responding to complex situations capable of briefing technical data products to the layperson.


Subject Manager Expert (SME) Training

Provide radiological SME’s for training and consulting

Provide subject matter experts (SMEs) with experience in actual responses to train emergency responders to WMD events. We can provide first hand experiences tying training material into actual events.

With certified health physicists (CHPs) on staff we can provide Health Physics Support, dose calculations and assistance with license compliance.

Experienced personnel on staff to assist in in-depth evaluations of technology demonstrations.


Crisis Exercise Design and Support

Staffing, Radiological target logistics and simulation design

Radiological source deployment (future) to function as realistic targets for counter WMD exercises

Provide realistic red teams for training evolutions with props producing realistic radiological signatures. Lokahi Enterprises’ founder is also the author of the XSim exercise standard designed to simulate radiological data during an exercise on a position and time varying basis.

We can provide controllers and evaluators external to the practicing organization for unbiased evaluations. Supporting and facilitating exercises from table-top to full field.

Technical Data Design – Provide automated tools and software to generate scenarios capable of providing realistic, simulated instrument readings in real time.

Sensor Research & Development

Improving the state of the art in radiological sensors and data processing.


Lokahi Enterprises has efforts in producing new sensor platforms with the technical integration of existing technologies nd data fusion expertise to the research and development of fundamentally new radiological detector designs. We have experience with Aerial (manned and UAS based), Ground (Vehicle, Backpack and pager style), and underwater radiological detectors. From this multitude of detections we can generate probability maps of source locations based on multiple detector inputs and directionality biases per detector.

We have experience in solid-state detectors (CZT, HPGe, Si barrier), scintillator based (NaI, CsI, CLYC, LaBr, Li-6 doped glass) and gas proportional and gas multiplicative counters (HPXe, GM, He-3, BF3, air). In addition to raw radiological readings we have experience in fusing a priori environmental data, LIDAR, visual imagery with in-depth signal processing from the radiation detectors.

As part of our R&D group we have technical software development capabilities for generating human operator interfaces to coherently present sensor data, applications to assist personnel in generating simulated data scenarios and performing numerical simulations of prototype technologies.


Aerial and Ground based detectors

  • Solid state

  • Nanotech based

  • Gas based

  • Scintillator

  • Data analysis, validation and verification

  • Signal Processing

  • Pulse Discrimination Technologies


Technical Software Development


Technology Integration


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